* Sheboygan's LARGEST Fleet - Wisconsin's PROVEN Leader *
* Most Boats, Most Trips, Most Fish*

Sheboygan's largest King Salmon weighing in at 39 pounds 10 ounces
*Sheboygan's Largest King Salmon*
*Weighing in at 39 Pounds 10 Ounces*


Your charter fishing reservations can be made at anytime as we take reservations year round by either phone, e-mail or by use of our online booking form. Our season starts mid April and ends mid October. With the availability of our six boat charter fishing fleet last minute bookings can be made if you are unable to reserve your date(s) ahead of time. To assure you of the date(s) that you would like or for better date selections booking in advance is recommended. Below is a list of motels that we use for our fishing and lodging packages. Phone numbers are added if you would like to reserve your rooms on your own and not through our services.

A deposit is required for each charter fishing trip or package. Your deposit can be forwarded to another date or refunded at the end of the year if you are unable to reschedule your date(s) due to bad weather. Upon receiving the deposit, a map of the Sheboygan area will be mailed to you and your motel or condo reservations will be made. (If requested)

Area Motels, Hotels, Resorts,
Condos, and Villas

American Club (920) 457-8000


(920) 208-8130

Blue Harbor Resort (920) 452-2900

Dumper Dan Condos

(920) 377-1147

Grand Stay Hotel

(920) 208-8000

Harbor Winds   

(920) 452-9000

Holiday Inn Express  (920) 451-8700

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*Off-Season Work At Various Sport Shows*