* Sheboygan's LARGEST Fleet - Wisconsin's PROVEN Leader *
* Most Boats, Most Trips, Most Fish*

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Fish aboard a clean, impressive and professionally equipped fleet of matching Baha Cruiser Sportfishing boats. An experienced crew of captains and first mates assist you in a exciting and successful Lake Michigan outing of a lifetime. Our results in many Wisconsin Tournaments over the years, our high fish catch averages and a large return of repeat clientele is what makes Sheboygan's first and only six boat charter fishing fleet stand above the rest in the industry!  

Hauling in another Dumper Dan boat
*Off Season Work Begins*

All 5 Dumper Dan boats getting ready for the next season!
*Heated Winter Boathouse*

Clean, Modern Boats! You Can't Beat The Fleet!

* You Can't Beat The Fleet *