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This month of June fishing just continues to improve in both quantity and the quality of Trout and Salmon here off the port of Sheboygan. Water depths of 80 to 150 feet of water both north and south of the harbor are producing good numbers of fish only 2 to 4 miles from shore. Our customers enjoy only minutes of travel to fishing grounds with the deep water access here off Sheboygan. While trolling a full spread of equipment many rods are producing fast fishing action at one time. The flasher fly combinations running suspended on the downriggers, coppers rods, magnum divers or wire diver set-ups are taking most of the Kings while spoons on slide divers or leadcore board rods are doing well for the Rainbows near the surface.

The office is very busy with many eager anglers making reservations. Don't miss the boat and call, email or text me with any questions you may have or to make your vacation plans with us this season. We look forward to having you onboard Wisconsin's #1 proven leader in the charter fishing industry, catching the most fish while running the most trips; Dumper Dan's Six Boat Charter Fishing Fleet of Sheboygan. ( Click on the picture's below to view in full size also check back here or on our facebook page at Dumper Dan's Sportfishing Charters for more pictures and daily updates ).

Captain/Owner Dan Welsch
Home Office: 1-920-457-2940 / Boat Cell: 1-920-377-1147
163002 (2).jpg
Cranking Them In From A Back Deck Of A Dumper Dan Boat! Good Times On The Big Lake With Many Return Customers! Enjoy Your Fish As We Look Forward To Fishing With You Again Next Season!
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RackPic (2).jpg
A Nice Variety Of Fish For These Happy Customers As The Month Of June Is A Great Time Of The Year To Land Good Numbers Of Quality Trout And Salmon Here On Lake Michigan.
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105555 - Copy.jpg
Kids Of All Ages Have A Great Time Hauling In Nice Fish!
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006 (2).jpg
An Early Morning Picture Of Our Condo Project Which Will Be Completed In August Of This Year. Our Riverfront Front Store Will Offer Dumper Dan Apparel, Snack And Beverages Too.
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BoatDocks (2).jpg
Getting Ready For Round Three Of The Day As The Crew Is Working Hard, Coolers Iced, Boats Loaded Up And Many Eager Anglers Await The Fast Fishing Action Here On Lake Michigan.
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Clients (2).jpg
Great People, Beautiful June Weather And Good Fishing On Another Busy 19 Trip Day Here At Dumper Dan Charters Of Sheboygan, Wisconsin's Leader In The Charter Fishing Industry!
Clients (2).jpg (134.87 KiB) Viewed 25197 times
This Happy Dumper Dan Customer Enjoyed A Hard Fought Battle While Landing This Mid 20 Pound Range 41 Inch Long King Salmon!
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002 (2).jpg
These Local Anglers Did Well While Fishing The Salmon Cup Tournament Held Here In Sheboygan With Some Big Fish To Show For It! We Look Forward To Fishing With You Again Next Year!
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Working A Double Header This Boy Has His Thumbs Up To Some Fast Fishing Action While Onboard A Dumper Dan Boat.
1144.jpg (71.37 KiB) Viewed 25229 times
King Salmon (2).jpg
Big Smiles For This Client Of Mine While Returning Back To The Dumper Dan Docks With This 20 Pound Chinook "KING" Salmon After An Enjoyable Morning On The Water. Nice Job With This Fish.
King Salmon (2).jpg (155.16 KiB) Viewed 25229 times
A Nice Rack Of Fresh Lake Michigan Fish For This Return Family Of Ours, See You Next Year Buddy!
6611.jpg (47.57 KiB) Viewed 25230 times
Well Hmmmm, Bananas On A Charter Fishing Vessel? Will The Fish Now Bite Or Not, Let's See If This Myth Holds True Today?
19110.jpg (51.5 KiB) Viewed 25230 times
A Nice Fish For Everyone After Fishing Only A Few Hours On The Big Lake On A Nice Weather Day. We Look Forward To Having You Onboard Again, Thanks And Enjoy Your Fish.
99119jpg.jpg (86.23 KiB) Viewed 25229 times
Another Busy Day At The Dumper Dan Docks As These Anglers Display The Catch They Brought In While On The Back Deck Of A Dumper Dan Boat. Next Up The Fish Cleaning Station.
77711.jpg (141.83 KiB) Viewed 25226 times
Multiple Fish On At One Times After Landing This Triple Header While Trolling Many Lines At One Time. Nice Work Landing These Fish.
55511.jpg (73.21 KiB) Viewed 25223 times
003 (3).jpg
Back On Shore With Some Nice Fish Along The Beautiful Sheboygan Board Walk As We Head To The Cleaning Station To Fillet, Bag And Freeze This Catch For Our Customers Which Is All Included.
003 (3).jpg (168.38 KiB) Viewed 25227 times
Just A Dandy Of A Rainbow Trout Weighing Over 16 Pounds! Way To Hold Onto This One Buddy!
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1166 (2).jpg
A Dumper Dan First Mate Rinses The Landing Net After Our Customer Boats This Fish. Nice Job Landing This Lunker. Check Out Our Recipe Page For Many Cooking Ideas.
1166 (2).jpg (102.5 KiB) Viewed 25228 times
One Of Our Dumper Dan Captains With His Daughter While Holding A Fish That Is Nearly Larger Than She Is. We Help Or Assist Anglers Of All Ages Everyday Land Fish Aboard Our Charter Fishing Boats.
00111.jpg (148.23 KiB) Viewed 25224 times
The Bow View From One Of Our Six Fully Equipped Matching Dumper Dan Charter Fishing Vessels As We Operate And Take Pride In Our Clean, Modern, Quality Boats Here Off The Port Of Sheboygan!
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Dumper Dan's Six Boat Charter Fishing Fleet of Sheboygan "Wisconsin's Proven Leader In Charter Fishing Trips"
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